Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Letter 2010 version


Due to a lack of money, time and patience, my card sending has been severely curtailed. So if you have an email or Facebook account, this is it. Sorry. But you do get extra pictures that I didn't print on the physical
copy. Next year I will be back in full card sending mode (I hope). If you would like my new address or phone number send me a message and I will send it to you. Have a wonderful holiday season.

We have had a busy year. We spent the winter experiencing the worst winter Moab had in 30 yrs, which was fun with a wood burning stove.

In the spring we welcomed Nathan Bitner Ward, born on March 30, 2010. He is a healthy, happy and Heavy child and brings joy to our home every day.


We did lots of outdoorsy type Moab things until the middle of August, when it became apparent that Arches Audiology would need to close. This was a difficult decision. It led through lots of prayer and fasting to a new job in San Antonio, Texas. We moved to Texas the first week of October and have been learning and adjusting ever since.

R. is now in middle school, since he is in 6th grade. It was a big adjustment but he is doing well. He is in the Gifted and Talented program, which we didn’t have in Moab.

J. is in 5th grade. He just received his Arrow of Light and is looking forward to Boy Scouts.

E. was baptized in February, with her cousin Emma. She is in 3rd grade and has already made lots of friends here. She loves Activity days and playing with her friends.

M. is in Kindergarten this year. After a few weeks of half-day in Moab she moved to all day here. This was a bit of a shock but she has adjusted well. She is learning to read and loves doing her homework.

B. is in pre-school and celebrated her 4th birthday just before we moved. She loves to go with Mom and love on her little brother.

N. is 8 months old now and getting into everything. He stood on his own today and is well on his way to walking by Christmas. I'm sure the bruises will fade by the time he reaches pre-school.
.  That's all for now We love you all!

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jendoop said...

Great! Glad you are alive and kicking - despite your passed out appearance in that photo.

Please send your snail mail address to me!