Thursday, December 30, 2010

Monster Hunter International

Normally I don't blog about the sillier books that I read. Most of the time I don't have much to say other than, yep it was a book. But this one has more going for it than just an entertaining read. The feel of the book is sort of like the Mummy movies, a bit gross but everyone is having a lot of fun and the plot is sort of an after thought. The author writes really good action sequences, the type that keep you turning the pages to see how it all turns out. Much better than a normal, lots of people shoot and here's who's left standing at the end type of thing. I think he has a talent for it. The plot was run of the mill monster-type end of the world plot. It was the little things that had me giggling to myself as I read.

Larry Correia must be Mormon. I didn't know that and I picked it up at the library having heard good things about it, but not that he was from Utah or anything else about his background. He put all sorts of Mormon phrases and ideas into his books. They would pop up at random intervals and I just thought that was hilarious.  I know that my husband wasn't as amused as I was, but it just cracked me up. Phrases like, "preordained", "noble and great ones" and "before this world was organized" might not mean much to other people, but to active LDS people you may as well put a picture of a Book of Mormon on the cover.

I've mentioned before that I wonder what other people think about those things that I pick up because of how I think. This is another case like that. The book itself it pretty violent, (we are talking about killing hordes of undead) and has moderate swearing and lots and lots of guns so I know that a lot of LDS people wouldn't want to read it. It was published as a regular fiction book, you will never find this one on the shelves of Deseret Book, but with all the LDS phrases and ideas it made me feel like I was reading a Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites book for grown-ups. But maybe I'm just odd.

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