Monday, December 27, 2010

Post-Christmas Update

Having found the cord and the camera, I hereby post some of the more recent pictures. We had a successful holiday and everyone is still playing with the toys they received and I don't think anything is broken yet, so we are doing well.

So here is J. when he got his Arrow of Light.


This is the best shot I got of N. and his learning to walk bruises. His eye got really dark after a day or two. The shot is blurry because he keeps getting faster.

Bridget was a sheep in her school's Christmas pageant. Here she is being a sheep (that's what she told me anyway.)

We didn't manage to get a picture of R. with the priesthood people that ordained him. The bishopric ran off and when we got home he was out of his church clothes. This is his 12th birthday and the books that occupied him for a solid week until he read them all.

And finally a shot of the girls playing with their Christmas presents. They combined all the dolls and such and had a good time for most of the day. I would show the boys but a picture of people playing on the computer or video games isn't really all that interesting.  Happy New Year!

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Lee Family said...

I am glad to hear everyone is doing good and I love all the photos. Your kids are getting so big and you have more of them :)
Glad to hear you have a blog now I can follow you a lot better.
I wish you and your family and Happy and Safe new Year.