Monday, February 21, 2011

Gizmos and Gadgets

Looking at my bedside table I realized I had four different pieces of electronics that did not exist a few years ago, at least in their current forms. Two cell phones, because we just switched providers and had to get new ones, a kindle (my dear hubby got it from work for Christmas and gave it to me) and a wi-fi/bluetooth enabled MP3 player. So there, in less than 2 lbs of electronics I have the means to listen to a month's worth of music, read probably a month's worth of books, and talk to anyone anywhere in the world. And I could do all of this laying in bed in my pajamas. Isn't that crazy.
I love watching old movies where the characters act so cool to have a brick of a cell phone. And ipods just showed up, you don't even see the progression like you can with cell phones. Remember a long time ago when having a CAR phone was amazing?
What is even more amazing than the little techie wonders we all own is how much we take them for granted. A library full of books in a little grey tablet and everyone just complains about what isn't available. Cell phones can do more than computers could when I was a kid, yet once the novelty has worn out we want the next version.
I have had the new Kindle since Christmas and found myself reading all the blog posts I didn't have time to read on the computer, but now that I have caught up, it is almost boring. I like the sensation of having a cover, and the heft of a real book. Though I can carry my scriptures with a lot less weight and Nathan can't grab it as easily I think I am still an analog book devotee.
I don't think I would give back my MP3 player though. Having all the songs I like in such a small package is wonderufl. Of all my electronic gizzies I think this is the one I would have the hardest time giving up.
I just would like to thank all the nice computer and electronic inventors that have made my life much easier and full of music, information and text messages.

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