Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Side effects (Part 1)

For Christmas I received a Kindle from my sweet husband. It was kind of re gifted because he got it from his boss (How nice is it to work for a place that gives Kindles for Christmas gifts?). But I would rather have a second hand cool thing than no cool thing at all. So of course I spent a large amount of time playing with my new toy. The new books I got sat lonely and forgotten.
Now, several months later I can honestly say I would not buy a new book on the Kindle except for a few minor qualifications; if I was in a frenzy to have it now, if it was out of copyright so I could get it free, or, well there isn't anything else. Desperation or venality.

I have read a few things and am doggedly plowing my way through War and Peace. I have hit a bit of a large snowdrift about 86% (Kindle's excuse for page numbers) way though, but I will finish it eventually. But I like having an actual book, the sheer physcial pleasure of holding a book trumps cool electronics.

What I do use it for, and this actually affects the blog, is reading stuff on the internet. I hate reading on the computer. There are far too many people who want the computer to spend time perusing through long blog pages, or similar text heavy things I enjoy looking at online. When I discovered that I could do this easily and quickly, not to mention in a kid-free format I was hooked. I suppose this is why Ipads and similar sell, but I don't want the entire web, just the non-video and picture information.

Tor.com has these wonderful re-reads of books I love, but I couldn't follow them very well because I didn't have the time. There is a Wheel of Time Re-read, Tolkien re-read, and Malazan Book of the Fallen. They have just announced a Name of the Wind re-read. Then there is the time-sucking amazingness of TV Tropes (Do not follow this link unless you don't have anything to do for the rest of the day). Then I discovered episode guides. These are great complements to Netflix's new policy of putting all of any given series together in one place, so you can watch without having to hunt down each season. So I've looked at the X-Files, Muppet Show, Dr Who and even Phineas and Ferb. Some are better than others.

The side effect is that I have been reading a lot fewer books. I am not reading less, just not things I feel the need to review on my blog. So if you want to know what I am reading, just know that I am lost in the wilds of the interwebs, with only a Kindle for my guide.

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