Wednesday, June 1, 2011

fairness -- a thought

I found this quote in the middle of a very good article, but I particularly liked this idea, especially as it relates to, well everyone.

For those who cannot abide the fact that life happens and sometimes you get a raw deal, remember that fairness is a childish concept.  There is no magical fairy flying around and waving her wand to make sure everyone has the same amount of tragedy and trial, the same number of sprinkles on their cupcake.

You can find the whole article here

I have been reading a lot lately, but really don't feel the urge to write much, so you get a lot of quotes.

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jendoop said...

In a RS presidency mtg I pointed out that something wasn't "fair". The RS president went on a rant about fair that left it's mark: "Fair? None of us really wants what is fair! I just bought my daughter princess underwear. Fair would be making my son wear them too. Fair would be no mercy and no atonement. Don't talk to me about fair."

She made her point and ever since I've tried to banish it from my vocabulary.