Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fun Friday SA #2 (sort of)

I haven't been in a hurry to post last week's FF because it wasn't all that impressive and I didn't take any pictures.  I wanted to take the kids to a pet store and let them look at the animals and especially the fish. I tried to find a good one on the internet because pet stores can be slightly scary if you get the wrong one. So I picked one that had really good ratings and was relatively close to our house. I should have checked kid friendly and square footage.

The one We went to was pretty small and had one of those mildly amusing but slightly insulting notices about what would happen to unattended children. They had two huge parrots out where the kids could look closely, but not touch, and a grey parrot that would talk only when you looked away from him. Every thing else was pretty small and the pet shop employees seemed annoyed to answer questions. At least, that was my opinion.

I actually felt so bad about it that I bought everyone ice cream on the way home, a big no-no in our summer of free stuff. But according to reports for my husband they all had a great time. I guess my expectations for a good time and theirs are a bit different. I think it also shows I need to not stress about this so much.
 I think I will find a fish store for another time, tropical fish are always a hit.

Isn't he cute?
In lieu of having Fun Friday pictures, here are a couple of others instead.

R., singing in the Harris MS show choir. That's him in back with the glasses. (I know, but it is the best picture I have)

J. graduating from 5th grade with on the A honor roll. He and R. were just admitted to the science magnet school so they will be able to associate with kids who are more truly their peers.
 And odd pictures of B. and D. looking scary for the camera.

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jendoop said...

Like Father like daughter!

He is cute!

I'm excited for your boys' new school! In fact I'm just flat out interested in watching what they'll do with their lives, it will be fascinating :)