Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fun Friday, the San Antonio Edition -- part 1

Yesterday was the first Fun Friday in San Antonio. And like all the Fun Fridays in Moab, the first one is mainly a practice run to get the whining and logistics sorted out. The visuals won't be as good, because most of the walking trails around here are nature trails through the parks. One bonus is that I can bring N. along in the stroller, but the kids don't get as excited about it.
So here is the Fun Friday crew -- 2011 edition.

And a cave, that they don't let you get very close to. San Antonio Parks and Rec is much more Big Brotherly than Grand Co.

Art is placed every quarter mile, perfect for photo opportunities.


You can see the temple from the trail, but not in the picture, weird.

More things to blog about, but not today.

1 comment:

jendoop said...

Art along the trail is a cool idea, but also ironic- as if they think nature isn't enough to keep your attention.

Also ironic is how much the landscape looks like Moab. If you had posted this claiming that it was Moab, I would have believed it :)

Nice to see that your kids are still alive too. Pictures are always good proof.