Friday, July 8, 2011

Fun Friday catch up

I will probably not be as diligent in reporting fun fridays now because our camera is broken. I can retrieve the pictures since they are on the card, but I will need to get another camera first. And that ain't happening for a while. Unless you happen to know someone in the market for a 5 bedroom house in Moab.

We haven't had the most successful time of it either. One week the A/C was out so we spent the day sweating and waiting for the repairman and then went out window shopping. We had fun, especially since Daddy got to come too.
The next week we went to McClellan Park where I read there were deer. We saw deer. Small white tail deer, much smaller than the mule deer we are used to in the west. But the mosquitoes more than made up for it. They were big and black and very aggressive, even at ten in the morning. We might go back, but not before we find some super-duper bug repellent.
Then today we went to the SA Central Library. There was a book sale, which I always like. And some art and such. The girls had finished the Summer Reading program and got to choose a free book. I found a hardback copy of Forest Born by Shannon Hale so I was happy. We tried to get snow cones but the place we went had a broken machine.
That is how FF has been going. We are half-way through the summer now and the spend-less summer is being difficult. It's either that or I just forget over the winter how cranky the kids are when I take them any where.

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