Friday, August 5, 2011

Fun Fridays, July & Aug

Last week we went to the San Antonio Missions, just two of them, but they were fascinating. We have to go back when we don't have a time constraint. I kept thinking of my artist relatives and how much they would love photographing the buildings and the light and the details. Especially since my camera is dead and I couldn't even try.

My oldest was bored until we went to the completely rebuilt mission and he learned how it also served as a fort. He got all excited about that. The low ceilings and the painting on the walls and the fact that they are still functioning churches were all of interest to my kids. We are totally going back with Daddy, once we get a new stroller.

This morning we went to a play at a local community college. The play was the result of a children's theatre workshop. All the performers were kids and it was (obviously) not professional. My kids thoroughly enjoyed it. The baby even sat on my lap and watched it 3/4 of the way before he started to squirm. J. had a great audience participation moment and they all came home happy. Since they had all complained about how long it would take to get there it was gratifying to be right about something.

We are going to Utah next week and I am longing for mountains and cooler temperatures. The drive seems totally worth it to not be here for a week. Then we have one more Friday and school starts. I've almost survived the summer!

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