Monday, January 9, 2012

Merry Ch. . .Happy Holida. . . Er, Nice January?

This year was the first since I have been married that I didn't send out Christmas cards. It is amazing how guilty that makes me feel. So if you sent me a card and you are my grandmother, you will be getting some form of letter in the mail soon. The rest of you, well I'm still alive and I assume you are, we'll leave it at that.

We got President Monson's biography for Christmas (thanks Mom & Dad Ward) and I just finished it. I was amazed at how uplifting it was. I read President Hinckley's and felt amazed but not that anything he did was immediately repeatable. Among President Monson's gift is the ability to do little things that mean a lot to the recipient. His talks are full of stories and his life is lived one person at a time. His ability to pay attention to those around him is wonderful.

It made me want to be better and to see how I could immediately. I can be more friendly, I can smile more, take more time and love those I am around. I can also see how this could help me with the things I struggle with. When you are helping others your own problems aren't so bad. Or at least they aren't what you are worrying about at the time.

I've got lots of other goals. Though the one definite goal I picked up from To the Rescue has been helping. My sweet hubby and I kneel down together to pray every night now. Even when we go to bed at different times. It is amazing how this has helped me feel closer to him and happier. It is hard to maintain a decent level of irritability when you kneel and pray with someone every night. We did before but a lot of the time one of us went to bed first, or we forgot, or we just stayed in bed to pray. Doing it right, every night, that is something I can accomplish.

But mommy time is over, the baby is saying, "Out, out, stuck" which means he is done with his nap.