Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fun Fridays?

Our schedule is a bit different this year as we splurged and bought a pass to a local swimming pool. Places to get wet for free are less plentiful here than in other places we have lived. The pool is open every day except Mondays. So, in the interest of getting our money's worth from said pool pass, Fun Fridays have become Fun Mondays. Less alliteration, hopefully just as much fun.

Moving has also messed with our schedule. In fact for the first summer in a long time we don't have a written schedule. I miss it more than I thought I would. I tend to wander around in a funk without something telling me what to do. I operate most efficiently in a state of crisis evidentally.

So here are a few pics. I am thinking about making this the summer of 5 mile radius. Since that's what we have done for the first few. And since I haven't posted pics in a while, some of the backlog.
The new trampoline is so comfy

B.'s preschool graduation

N. playing dress-up

Moving the trampoline, so funny

They almost lost it rolling it to the house

Wetlands, dry kids


Everybody at the point we turned around


His father's son

Monday, June 18, 2012

center of attention

I have been wondering lately why this blog eats at me. I can go months without posting anything yet I compose posts nearly everyday. I always have ideas I want to share that die a lonely death in the back spaces of my mind. So why do I have this need (desire really, if it was a need I would really write more) to communicate and develop the thoughts in my head?
Sometimes I wonder if it is a form of "Look at ME!!" syndrome, just in a quiet way that more suits my personality. My oldest son has this in a dreadful way. In every situation he wants to be the center of attention. He interrupts conversations, takes over games and play, and is generally the loudest person in the room. Part of it is his Asperger's but a lot of it is a common human feeling. We all want to be the one everyone thinks about, is looking at, and loves.
It is the cause of reality TV, autobiographies, graffiti, and blogs, facebook and twitter. We all want our voices and our thoughts to be heard. But when everyone talks, who listens? It is like the line from The Incredibles, "If everyone is special, then no one is."
I would like to be able to better sort through the shouting, to hear the quiet whispers of the voices I want to hear because they have something of value to say. Something more than, "I''m important! Look at me!!Love me because I am on your TV and computer every time you turn it on."
The still small voice of the Holy Ghost only can be heard when we eschew (how's that for a good word?) the loud voices. The small and valuable voices that do exist in the world can only be found when we are thoughtful about the way we listen.
I just realized that the preceding paragraph could be taken as a reference to myself. Er, I am not sure I have anything valuable to say. I enjoy clarifying my thoughts in a public space, small though it may be. I wouldn't say read my blog because it has wisdom or value, more read it because I might say something you might like.
Who knows? It is getting late and I have a tendency to ramble and my great ideas dissolve into disjointed fragments.
Good night.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Just a note to let anyone who still looks a this that I really think I will start blogging again. I find my ability/desire to write is directly tied to my mental well-being. Which is another one of those annoying "it would help me feel better, but I can't do it until I feel better" things, like exercising.
And I have all sorts of ideas in my mind that I just don't have if life is difficult.
So here's hoping the improvement continues.
Oh, and we moved last weekend and the a/c is now fixed. Those help with my state of mind.