Friday, September 7, 2012


I haven't done the book review thing in a long time. Partly because I haven't truly blogged in a long time and also because I haven't been reading as much. I'm not sure why my reading has slowed down. Perhaps I've just been busier. I also spread my time around more than I used to.

This causes a vague anxiety that is only made worse by Goodreads' reading challenge.  I enjoy knowing how many books I read in a year. That was one of the original reasons for starting this thing. I might not have accomplished much last year, but I read over 100 books. That has to count for something, right? As long as we are not discussing the quality of said books.

This year I put down 150 books. Then promptly got caught in a re-read of the Wheel of Time books by Robert Jordan/Brandon Sanderson. And not only re-reading books I already have on my Goodreads list, but reading the blogged re-read on which sucks up lots of time and has lots of good fan-type content, but does not count on Goodreads.

It is like a mental itch that I can't scratch. The low number on the goal bothers me, yet quitting the re-reads would bother me, so I cross-stitch instead. That pretty much sums up how I deal with stressful things. Explains the state of my house too.

But going back to the books. The number of books I read doesn't really matter. But as a reflection of how I see myself it does. Since I have decided this blog can now be much more self-indulgent and me-ish it is a valid topic of concern.

In a very well thought out blog post (unlike this one) Dan Wells posts a formula for figuring out how many books you can expect to read before you die.  For me that works out to be a little over 5000. AAAAAAAAAH! What am I doing wasting my time reading stupid mysteries with recipes in them? Well, the answer to that is I can't read amazing things all the time. My brain gets stoppered up and then I don't enjoy it. That's what happened when I read a thousand page history of Europe. Interesting, but too much by the end.

I will keep going to Goodreads, I even encourage you to go to Goodreads if you haven't already, a little neurosis is good for you. Really. And soon, when I get out of my system, maybe my tally will catch up.

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jendoop said...

If I looked at how many books I'll read in my lifetime I'd cry, it'll be about 500. Hopefully the average will significantly increase when my kids move away. Escaping into fiction may be the only way I can deal with them being thousands of miles away.

It's interesting the secret measuring sticks we have for personal success. I don't count the number of books I read but it's really important to me to have an intelligent conversation about the book, which means I am selective about what I read. Book snobbery?

BTW I like being reminded on Facebook that you have a new post.