Monday, February 11, 2013

A Question Concerning Steampunk Etiquette

I enjoy steampunk. I have enjoyed it for years, even before the current resurgence. I even liked The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (the movie) because of the steampunk elements.

I've read a couple of them recently and I just have one question, "What is the connection between brass fittings and zombies?" Because I don't get it.

I recently finished Dreadnought by Cherie Priest.  An excellent book. It made me happy in numerous ways. It had a realistic heroine, tense action sequences, ideas that stick in your head for days, and zombies. I knew this going in, because I have also read the previous book in the series, Boneshaker (also very good) which has a lot of zombies in it.

Before that I read The Affinity Bridge by George Mann. Very well written, good mystery involved and zombies. The zombies were actually integral to the mystery, so that was nice.  Often they are in there as another random obstacle and don't really have anything to do with the main plot.

Let's see, what other steam/zombie books are there? Lady of Devices by Shelley Adina, The Wind-Up Girl by Paolo Bagicalupi, The Iron Duke by Meljean Brook, The Six-Gun Tarot by R.S. Belcher, Dearly Departed by Lia Habel.  That is what a five minute perusal of Goodreads brings up. I mostly blame the overwhelming popularity of zombies, which makes them turn up everywhere. Seth Grahame-Smith, I blame you.

Of course there are many more post-apocalyptic zombie books, but that it to be expected, it is the zombie's native home. Burnt out buildings, moaning hordes, shattered skylines, they all go together. It is the crinolines and coal dust that confuses me.

I really don't like zombies all that much. It is one reason I liked Dreadnought better than Boneshaker: less zombies.

Whatever the reason, I am glad that steampunk has become a "Thing" and I guess I can endure a few undead for the pleasure of fierce women in big machines becoming common on the bookshelves.


jendoop said...

I like steampunk for the awesome visuals, it's so neat! Haven't read any of those books, one day after school is over I'll read one.

My daughter admitted to me that she watched a zombie show with a friend. I told her I wasn't sure I was ok with that. She said, "Oh mom, it's not that much different from Dr. Who!"

readerMom said...

Dr Who is not nearly so gory. I just don't like seeing entrails.