Friday, February 8, 2013

Bountiful Baskets

In my long abandonment of this blog I have been thinking about what I want to do with it. I have lots of ideas, things I wish to explore more fully and I always end up chattering away at my husband long after he has rolled over and is pretending to be asleep.  He does make listening noises though.

Books often spark these ruminations, though not always. I have moved away from simply a book blog (obviously) and I think if I express that, officially, I might feel easier about posting all of the other things I don't think my 2 yr old wants to talk about.

One of my current things is Bountiful Baskets. It is a co-op that is slowly spreading nation-wide and I love it. I love it enough that when it became difficult to sign up here in San Antonio I decided to train and become the coordinator for a site myself.  I could explain it but it would be easier and more accurate to just send you to the website.

I do Bountiful Baskets because I feed eight people 2-3 meals plus snacks a day. I spend around a thousand dollars on food a month. (That's really everything you can buy at Walmart, I don't finely parse my budget). I have been looking for various ways to improve the quality of our food as well as reduce the cost. Those two things generally don't go together.

I hate the produce section of the grocery store. So often whatever you get is nasty, or goes bad or is just horribly expensive. My relatives in Utah mentioned BB but it has never been available where we have lived, until about 18 months ago.

The official BB site says you can get around $50 of food for $16.50. In my informal tallies it is usually more than that. And it is good quality too. The grapes are sweet and the broccoli doesn't turn brown a day after you get it home.

A lot of people don't like it because of the random nature of each basket. You never know what you are going to get and sometimes you get stuff you have never seen before. I  think it is part of the fun. When we get something weird I just look it up in the internet and get to try new recipes. It is an enhancer of the way I usually cook anyway, if I have the money.

My family now thinks that salad is an acceptable form of dinner, especially if we have enough different things in it.

But now that it is dinner time I have to stop. But I will post a lot more recipes and vegetable stuff, because that is what is going on in my brain now. I still read a lot, and I have a few book posts in the works, but right now I have to make something with the ten tomatoes still on my kitchen counters from last week's basket.

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jendoop said...

I wish we had BB here. And I'm not motivated enough to become the start up person. It's good that it's working out well for you, anything that motivates to make good food for our families is worthwhile.