Monday, March 18, 2013

A Great Man

I just spent a marvelous few days on a getaway with my husband. And since I can, I am going to brag about him a little bit. Let me explain my wonderful husband. No, is too much, let me sum up:

We got married very quickly. We dated for four weeks and got married three and a half months later. The whole story is a bit complicated but it was inspiration the whole way.

During this time and after I have joked that the Lord picked us up by the scruff of our necks and said "Get married!" What is more impressive is that neither of us reacted by running the other direction. He was (and is) amazingly handsome, so I wasn't going anywhere. Not sure of his reason for staying though.

We have been married for just over 15 years now.  We had 6 kids in 11 years.  We lost twins in stillbirth.  We have moved 8 1/2 times and lived in 6 states (if you count Moab as a different state than Provo, which it totally is, metaphysically speaking). We've only had four cars in that time, two of which we still own.

How do you determine a successful marriage or a good husband? The numbers are great. But they can't document the other important things. He was with me for the birth of all the babies, including the two we didn't get to take home.  He stays up with the toddler who had a late nap and now thinks that bedtime is midnight.  He knows about my fast food habit and doesn't say a thing.  He talks to my hysterical pre-teen until she can sleep, never being impatient with her fears. He does the dishes and is teaching my children to do a good job when they do them.

He says I look good when I haven't brushed my hair all day. He holds me when I just need to cry. He eats everything I cook, even when an new recipe isn't quite what I expected. He was patient with my emotional response to budgeting, waiting until I was ready to work hard on it. He bought me a new wedding ring after I lost mine in the move to San Antonio, even though I don't think he truly understands why it is important.

So, I am completely in love with a wonderful man. I am blessed beyond my ability to explain. I am constantly aware of the blessing of family that I have been given.

Look, aren't they cute?


Erin said...

Yaaaaay! That's all, just yaaaaay!

Becky said...

Cool post! So nice to catch up on your 15 years. You two are a good match. :)