Friday, May 3, 2013

Placebo effect?

Recently I was introduced to the world of essential oils. It was a little scary at first. People get into these types of things and become all evangelical about them.  They say silly things like, "Its all natural and comes from plants so it can't have any side effects!" That makes me want to ask them if poison ivy rash counts as an intended outcome and if death isn't a side effect because it stops whatever conditions you might have?

I have been wondering about them a lot lately anyway so when some people I know got into one of the MLMs that sell the things I was interested enough to go to the parties. Those were difficult to sit through, though I think most of the misinformation comes from an excess of enthusiasm and a lack of science education.

Was probably this stuff, smells like cloves
Despite my misgivings, I know that these oils can help some things. When I was so sick in the winter a very nice woman at Bountiful Baskets rubbed some clove smelling stuff on me and I could suddenly talk and breathe like a regular person.

So I have bought a few. One works wonders to clear your head.  Much better results than any decongestant I have tried.  My two kids who need such things don't even complain about the smell that much, because they know it works.
We also have a relaxation, sleep aid one that my oldest loves.  He has always had a hard time sleeping and this stuff seems to calm him down enough he can fall asleep.  With that and melatonin he can actually rest.

And I like the orange oil. It gives you a bit of a pleasant jolt and wakes me up a bit in the morning.

But then I tried the recommended solutions when the youngest had a fever for several days and got no noticeable relief.  The OTC stuff didn't help either. We just sat in Mommy's chair and watched Voltron (over and over and over and over).

Peppermint for my headache didn't do much either.

I am looking into another place, that has similar prices to Doterra's "wholesale" prices. I just received their lavender. It smells noticeably different, more like plants, and then the strong weed smell fades and it is the normal lavender, almost soapy smell. Because of my strong dislike for MLM marketing in anything I think I will stay with the Native American Nutritionals for now.
My first purchase from Native American
I struggle with this because I know some things will work, but I know some don't and I want a better way to figure it out than experimenting on my family or trusting the internet. It gives me conniptions that I can't research it adequately.

There are so many I want to try and they are too expensive to buy, just to play pharmacist. It is so frustrating.

Hey, at least we will smell nice.

OK, one more thing that bugs me just because of who I am. So take it with a grain of salt. DoTerra's book of how to use their oils is the worst edited thing I have ever seen. It is disorganized and confusing.  Obviously just a cut and paste job by someone who didn't know what they were doing. Misspelled words and erratic grouping make it look so unprofessional. The sleek design of their products is completely at odds with the shoddy work of their book and pamphlet.  It seems odd to me that they didn't put more effort into it.

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