Friday, November 8, 2013


A few days ago I posted a beautiful talk by Jeffrey R. Holland. If you haven't read or watched it you should go now. It is so worth you time.  I've been thinking a lot about mental illness lately because of family things as well as my own struggles. I've gone back on medication for the first time in years.

If only I could but a castle to keep the monsters out.

It is funny (in the ironic, laugh at yourself way) how disappointed I feel. I have been fighting this my entire adult life and it is something that never leaves entirely. Every time it lightens I am amazed at what I can accomplish. When it bears down again I don't think I will ever have clean house or organized life again. I run from one crisis to the next.

I am working on some of my medical issues. I desperately hope that finding some answers will help lift this round of trouble. Perhaps it will.

This is how my heart feels. The video is silly, but the music sings to my soul.

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