Monday, November 4, 2013

Benefits of vegetables

The picture that I hope is attached is a tomato and feta quiche that I managed to make out of stuff already in my kitchen.
I've always enjoyed trying new recipes. When you cook for eight people everyday it can get boring. So I try new things. But new things are often expensive. Hooray for bountiful baskets. Yes, I talk about it a lot. Feeding my family takes a huge part of my time and energy and money. Anything that lightens this responsibility is welcome.
And there is the thing that we aren't an active family. We try, but athletics just don't come easily to any of us. If I can't get my kids (or myself) to work up a good sweat, at least I can serve lots of veggies and low fat items at dinner. Someday I even expect my youngest daughter to try some of them.

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